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An Agent-Errant, on Life's and Canon's guard

Kitty Callahan
30 November
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I am the PUNisher.
Vital Statistics

Name: Kitty Callahan
Series: Protectors of the Plot Continuum
Age: 15
Species: [REDACTED]
Profession: PPC Agent
Department: Department of Mary Sues
Division: Freelance
Response Center: RC# 41571-Delta
Skills: Inherent camouflage ability; useful for stealth and reconnaissance missions
Special Abilities: Wizardry (source continuum: Young Wizards)
Marital Status: Single
Religion: She swears by many gods...and she's met quite a few of them on the job
Physical Information

Height: 5'4"
Hair: Brown (most of the time)
Eyes: Green (most of the time)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Cat-eared headband with bells; black opal on silver chain around neck
Injuries: Permanent scars on inside right forearm caused by a bad reaction with caustic demon blood
Illnesses: None
Personality Evaluation

Agent Callahan is well known in Headquarters for her irrepressible attitude. This cheerfulness would not seem to be manufactured, and all evaluations indicate that it is not a coping mechanism. However, her tendency towards dry and often sarcastic humor when pushed may show a shift into a more typical Agent personality model. Her tendency to claim Australian origin, complete with a Sydney accent (affected?), is unusual, albeit likely not harmful.

Callahan does not seem to suffer any ill effects from the memory suppression and reinstatement, but she is being closely monitored for relapses and violent episodes.
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